Meat Club Cookbook Book
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Meat Club Cookbook Book

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The ladies of the Meat Club welcome you to join—as long as you’re a girl and you eat meat—with this fun, informative guide featuring sixty succulent recipes.

Tired of eating Caesar salads and poached chicken breasts every time they got together with the girls, Vanessa, Gemma, and Kristina confided their guilty secret to each other (for what, after all, are girlfriends for?): What they really wanted to eat was meat. And so the Meat Club was formed.

The Meat Club Cookbook is a collection of tried-and-true recipes culled from the authors’ favorite meals together. Roasted, braised, sautéed, stewed, or grilled (yes, these girls can handle a grill with the best of them), as long as it’s meat, they’ll cook it up and eat with gusto. 

With tips on how to choose and cook the most popular cuts, this substantial book is the perfect companion for girls who want to have their beef, their pork, their lamb—and eat it too.