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We’ve all been there, sitting in Pretzel park or taking in the bustle of Main Street when a family of matching outfits strolls your way. Whether you’re or a mom or not, we all have our opinions of matching outfits with children. The truth is some people nail it, and others ride a fine line of looking like they're about to be on an episode of ‘Toddlers and Tiaras’.

For a lot of moms during quarantine (me included), our kids have become our only social circle and source of entertainment. Over the last 3 1/2 months while being home alone with my girls, in an effort to entertain myself I did one of my favorite things - I played dress up! And even better, I had 2 willing buddies to do it with me (which is basically the reason we have kids in the first place, right?!).

So if you’re going to try twinning with your kids, here’s a collection of some of my favorite brands that create cute ways to do the “mama and me” look while making sure you stay totally adorable doing it. 


Mom and daughter wearing face masks.



Masks On

I don’t think anyone would have expected to wear matching face masks with their children, but alas, these are the times so we might as well make it fashion! As the legendary Bill Cunnigham says, “ Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life”. We are now carrying lightweight and UPF 50 protection masks, perfect for the Summer and easier for little ones to wear. You can shop kid and adult face masks on our website here.



Mom and daughters wearing matching camo jackets.

Cool in Camo

One way to offset being over the top “cutesy" is to mix in a camo print. These jackets were gifted to me and my girls by my very fashionable friend, Lisa, a fellow mama and business owner of Lila Fashion International. They are a cool way to show off my little lady tribe! You can find mine and the girls’ jackets here.



Mom and daughters in matching turbans.



Terrific Turbans

One of the questions I always get asked is where I get my kids’ turbans from. Well, I am giving you my secret…they are from Top Knots! What’s great is they range from newborn size to adult, come in a variety of fabrics, and for the summer feature waterproof and UV protection for little delicate baby heads.





Mom and dad with matching baby shirts.



Matching T-Shirts

Another brand I love is The Bee And The Fox, who make the most stylish retro t-shirts, and onesies for everyone in the family! We even used their cool line to make our first baby announcement, so it’s definitely near and dear to my heart.





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