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Local Artist Summer Women Supporting Women

With the much-anticipated Manayunk Arts Festival just around the corner, we are thrilled to introduce you to two exceptional local artists who will be popping up on Main Street in front of our gift shop during this exciting event. Join us as we explore their captivating stories and delve into the artistic mastery that sets them apart. Get ready to be inspired by their unique perspectives and talents as we celebrate the magic of art. And don't forget to come meet them during the Manayunk Arts Festival Saturday, June 24th 11am-7pm & Sunday, June 25th 11am-6pm.

X Brandy


Sarah Brett Ceramics

Sarah creates beautiful ceramic sculpture figure vases and vessels. They are absolutely bootylicious! (If you miss them at the arts festival we carry her sculptures in our shop year round!)

Sarah Brett ceramics

"In 2016 I graduated from The University of the Arts in Center City where I studied Ceramics and Art Therapy. In 2020 I earned my Master’s in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Behavior Analysis in hopes to one day serve a population in need, offering alternative therapy options. Life happens in funny ways, though, and in 2021 I found myself running a collision repair shop with my brother. Although, I still aspire to use my background in therapy one day, I’ve been able to expand my studio practice by incorporating my day job into my artwork.

I’ve recently learned to apply automotive paint to my pieces, which has only further informed them. Working in a predominantly male industry can be interesting and often challenges “gender roles” or the idea of what’s considered a “man’s job”or a “woman’s job”. The lady forms I create celebrate each and every one of us women; our unique curves and lumps that make us who we are. When these same pieces are finished in automotive paint, the same way a car would be finished and in a technique that may be considered a “man’s job”- to me, that kind of screams, hey, we’re here, we can do it too, and we’re gonna look hot while we do it!"



Jessie Searle of Rustore creates rustic home decor with a unique process using recycled wood and electricity. It's truly electrifying!

Rustore recycled wood decor

"My name is Jessie Searle and I am the proprietor of Rustore. My fiancé, Brittany, and I live in Manayunk with our two dogs, Turk and Brody. We enjoy hanging out at the local bars and breweries as they all boast an eclectic, rustic vibe.
As I consistently surrounded myself with this type of decor I was inspired to create Rustore. The name truly speaks for itself, as my primary media is recycled wood pallets. I restore and transform them into rustic decor for the home. From coasters to wine racks, beer openers and charcuterie boards our home is decorated top to bottom with Rustore creations. Check me out at the Manayunk Arts fest this June and Rustore your decor!"



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