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This month we asked our friend & resident "Little Apple", Shayna, (a master of health, wellness and all-around great vibes) to share one of her favorite Meditation practices for the blog!


I do my hair toss, check my nails, baby how you feelin’?!


Ohh Hello!!! I’m Shayna, just singing along to my favorite 'Good Vibes Only' song. More like a MOOD! You may recognize me as one of The Little Apple Shop Girls! I also have my own Wellness Community, Spirit and Sweat.

Shayna doing meditation

Located right in Manayunk, I started a special community in Spring of 2020. Quarantine time let my Gemini brain put all of my creativity to good use (finallyyy) and I followed my dreams of opening up my own business! Spirit and Sweat is Your Bridge To Strength, not only a focus on just physical strength but also mental! I'm here to help you find your highest level of power, your spirit.

I want to share with you my favorite meditation practice. I don’t mean your normal OMmMm bologna BS! I’m talking about shaking it up, and really getting soulful in a way that works for you. *Hint* It involves my favorite ‘Good Vibes Only’ song! The power of meditation is so important to me, that the signature core session of Spirit and Sweat is called VIP (Very Important Practice). It begins with 10-15 minutes of straight up guided meditation, then followed by heart pounding cardio, back to a sweaty reflection, and ending in deep stretching restoration. Give it a try by clicking on this link and checking out how much more your muscles work in unison when you  bring your mind into focus at the beginning of a workout. Now, if you didn’t get my hint, or perhaps question how can “Lizzo” and “Meditation” be in the same sentence? I’ll show you!

Shayna doing mediation

Presenting, “Lizzo’s 100% That Meditation Session”. “I’m the pudding in the proof! Gotta blame it on my juice!” Come try it out one meditation technique I love featured on my website and remember we’re all about GOOD VIBES ONLY!

And if you'd like to try one of my classes in person, I'm exclusively offering to The Little Apple Subscribers a special discount to my upcoming “Fallin’ for Your Gypsy Soul” A Fleetwood Mac Meditation Session.  Just use code APPLENICKS to book the session on my website here!  Hope to see you there!

Love & Light,






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