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In celebration of International Women's Day, we didn't ONLY want to sell some cool-ass lady-inspired gifts, we also wanted to gather some other cool-ass ladies to help support women in our community. A couple of months ago I saw a news piece about an inspiring Philadelphia woman, Shelley Aragoncillo, who had created something called Grab-N-Flow, a free-to-the-community menstrual and postpartum product shed that is located in Philly and available to anyone in need. It's stocked with much-needed, critical supplies for women after giving birth, newborn essentials, and other products for feminine health and wellness. Items in need include maxi pads, postpartum underwear, prenatal vitamins, baby bottles, formula, diapers of all sizes, and many more (found on the list below). These items are often expensive and not affordable for many women despite being a necessity.

So I reached out to some of my fellow amazing women business owners in Manayunk asking if they would like to join together as "The Manayunk Wingwomen" and reach out to our beloved and supportive customers and clients asking for help in collecting these super important things for this super important initiative. Well, of course, being the cool-ass ladies they are, I got an incredibly positive and enthusiastic response and we will have 14 businesses that have offered to be donation drop-off points from now until the end of March!

Here's the coolest part (aside from just being an amazing human) if you drop off a donation, you will get a custom Manayunk Wingwoman vinyl sticker! Certain businesses are also offering additional goodies and discounts to make being charitable even more fun! We will be continuously updating this list here for you of all of the drop-off point locations and individual promotions offered as we learn about them.

Thank you for helping us make International Women's Day a month to not only just appreciate and think of the incredible, brave, and brilliant women that have paved the way for us throughout history, but to also use it as a chance to help our own women neighbors now.

X Brandy

Participating Businesses 

The Little Apple, Lila Fashion, Pet Friendly Bakery, Expect Lace, Latitudes & Longitudes, Starshine Salon, Spiral Bookcase, Chabaa Thai Bistro, Yanako, Chloe Madeline Salon, Restore The Floor, Artesano Cafe, Vamp Boutique, Blondie, Winnie’s, Northlight Community Center, Remix on Main, Illumine Gallery

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