The Best of 2021

Best Of New Year

Best of 2021

As we say goodbye to 2021 we reminisce on the last year, all the memories, and the BEST moments. The ladies of The Little Apple wanted to share our "BEST OF" from last year with you in case you missed any of these gems. Maybe they can become one of your favorites as well...

Favorite TV series of 2021

Shayna: Yellowstone! I jumped on the covered wagon, or perfectly saddled horse haha on this one for sure thanks to Brandy!1883 is next for me. 

Julia: The White Lotus! With honorable mention to Only Murders in the Building.

Brandy: I am with Shayna on this one, and am totally obsessed with Yellowstone.  Kevin Costner is a total zaddy.



Favorite takeout spot in 2021

Shayna: El Limon! They recently added a new location on City Line Ave! Veggie Wet Burrito with Tomatillo Sauce, please. Don’t skip the Tres Leche! 

Julia: It's got to be a tie between New Leaf and Chabaa.

Brandy: Lucky's Roadside Stand!

Lucky's Last Chance Roadside Stand


Favorite 2021 movie

Shayna: The Little Things! This movie is a slow dark burner with star studded cast featuring a spine chilling performance by Jared Leto, and Rami Malek. Skip the serial killer doc and watch this thriller set in LA!

Julia: Wes Anderson's The French Dispatch.

Brandy: There weren't too many great ones to choose from that I watched in 2021 but even though I don't usually love kid's movies, I have to choose Disney's "Encanto". The songs are so awesome and also so infuriatingly ear-wormy.



Favorite cocktail you drank in 2021

Shayna: Sittin’ Pretty from White Limozeen Dolly Patron’s Place in Nashville. A mix of Vodka, Kalani, Coconut, Mint, Lime, and Grapefruit. A true ladies mojito made right if you ask me.

Julia: Tequila, Grapefruit, Jalapeño - the summertime go-to!

Brandy: Botanist Gin, St. Germaine and a splash of club soda. Makes me a happier person every time I drink it. That doesn't mean it's a problem right? lol

Best Cocktails of 2021


Favorite online shopping site in 2021 (aside from The Little Apple 😉 )

Shayna: I am much more of a shop in person gal especially at Lila Fashion, but I am a huge fan of NUULY! It’s a clothing rental service, that helps me beat fast fashion, and stay styling for all my Apple shifts!

Julia: Etsy!!! We love to support small creators!

Brandy: Kip & Co. It's an Australian company we also carry in shop, but I also buy stuff for my house (their linen sheets, velvet tassel pillows and tassel throw blankets are some of my favorites) but I also order their pj's and cute outfits for the girls when they're having one of their awesome sales!



Favorite weekend getaway in 2021

Shayna: Key West in March! Rented a little red convertible and cruised all the way down with my guy! We had a blast soaking up the sun, seafood, and lots of tequila. 

Julia: Catskills, New York!

Brandy: Before Omicron, I was able to sneak away for a week in Italy with my best friend, Lisa.  Florence is my most favorite place in the world (I lived there for a little while in my 20's) and so to have a little relaxing getaway just based around eating, drinking, and shopping with a friend, (no kids or husband) was the exact self-indulgence I needed after these past couple of years. 



Fun thing you’re most excited to do in 2022

Shayna: I get to watch one of my closest friends marry her perfect man in Mexico surrounded by more amazing friends. We will be down there for Cinco De Mayo and I was treated to get my own swim up pool in our room by my boyfriend. 

Julia:  Seeing more friends and family, and hopefully traveling out of the country! 

Brandy: I'm looking forward to having lots and lots of adventures with my girls.  We have been very strict and careful during COVID with them and so we intend on making up for all of the missed memories and have some carefree fun once they're vaccinated, too.



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