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With so many special ways to show and receive love, why not figure out the way that would be most meaningful to you and your love recipient? The 5 Love Languages represent 5 different ways that love can be expressed to another person, and the belief that each individual has a preferred and most impactful way to have love communicated to them. The 5 Love Languages are: Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch.

I have discovered that my Love Language is Acts of Service. Which means that nothing makes me more attracted to my husband than when he is doing a project around the house for me or helping me work on something in the store (I know, lucky him, right?!). Maybe you've seen the new wallpaper in our window displays? That was all his handy work and he definitely got some extra smooches for that one!

But Love Language doesn't only apply to romantic relationships, it can also be a great tool to express your love the best way to your children, family and friends!  Take the quiz here to find out what your Love Language is, and then pass it along to your loved ones so you can know what makes them most feel loved, too!

And to make gift giving this Valentine's Day even more special, we've collected some gifts that coordinate with each type of Love Language, so you can be sure to give them something they are going to LOVE!
X Brandy
  1. Sugarfina Love Letters Tasting Box
  2. You Are Beautifully Made Zip Pouch
  3. You're my Fave Bracelet
  4. It Was Always You Love Keepsake Wood Box
  5. Little Letters of Love


  1. LOVE Pillow
  2. Barr & Co. Bubble Bath
  3. Tokyo Milk Classic Collection Lotion
  4. Kiss The Cook Street Sign
  5. Watch Out, I'll Fuckin' Hug You Women's Crew Socks


  1. Happily Ever After Street Sign
  2. $75 Gift Card Certificate
  3. Lizzie Coin Toggle Gold Necklace
  4. Rayna Gold Heart Earrings
  5. Capri Blue Signature Blue Jar Candle


  1. Let's Suffer Through Monogamy Together Mug
  2. This Is Our Happy Place Wall Sign
  3. Pop Art Puzzle
  4. Happy House Nest Box
  5. Travels Light Passport Cover Set


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