Top 6 Things To Do For Self Love This Month

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Let's be honest, this past year has been hard. The pandemic has affected us all as individuals in so many different and life changing ways. Some have had an easier time while others, like me, have instead had a constant (and not very sexy) twitching in my right eye along with the inability to fall asleep without running through dozens of imaginary worst-case-scenarios that could happen to me, my family, or my business.  Oh, you too?!

It's the month of love, and no one deserves a little love more than YOU! You don't need a romantic partner to celebrate with a special gift or relaxation time. Self care, which could have once been seen as a bit self-indulgent (pre-pandemic), is now viewed by many of us a necessity for mental survival. With two very young and needy children in my house, I don't have much time or many options for "me time", but here are a few things that I've found instantly make me feel happier, calmer, and a lot less twitchy! Go ahead, treat yourself this month with any (or all) of these hot tips!
X Brandy 

1. Take a bubble bath (or long hot shower).

For me, it used to always be a bath, but now my 3 year old daughter would insist on jumping in with me which would totally make the experience a lot less zen. So showers it is! As long as I have silence, hot water, and some great lotion for afterwards I'm just as happy in the end. Give yourself a luxurious bath experience with Barr & Co. bubble bath, bath salts soak, or these brand new Capri Blue Volcano bath bombs. And don't forget to hydrate your skin with this dreamy smooth Barr & Co. lotion.

2.  Organize

I have totally become obsessed with reorganizing my kitchen pantry and cabinets. I haven't even read any of Marie Kondo's books, but I guess the sense of controlling an area of my home during a very unpredictable and uncontrollable time is very soothing. I found the Container Store website during these dark days and have spent an absurd amount of money on clear plastic bins, and way too many wicker baskets. I have now moved on to "organizing" the kid's toys and books by color into bins. My husband thinks I have totally lost it, but I highly recommend you try organizing your life too!

3.  Puzzles

The more pieces the better! Keep your families hands and minds busy, for possibly hours. Find a list of the most fun puzzles right here.

4. Comfort Food

I love to eat. I especially love to eat junk food, and consider myself an aficionado of cheese fries. My favorite local spots that fill this need for good, easy, yummy food are Lucky's Last Chance for a Pickle Monster impossible burger, Zesto's for curly fries with Wiz, and L'Angolo or Pizza Jawn for pizza.

5. Beauty Face Masks

Wearing cloth masks every day has done some terrible things to my skin, so throwing on one of these beauty face makes my skin feel smoother and refreshed. I also love how they make me feel like a Kate Hudson character in one of her RomComs when I'm wearing one!

6.  Booze. Lots and lots of booze.

One of the few highlights of the shutdown has been the restaurants' introduction, or increasing the option, of cocktails to go! Since my family has chosen not to dine-in, I love that I can still grab some takeout along with a signature cocktail or bottle of wine. My favorite local places to do this are Taqueria Amor for their blood orange margarita (which can also be purchased as just the mixer) and Jake's & Cooper's new Wine Shop.

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