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AND JUST LIKE THAT… we get one of the greatest surprises and gifts from the television gods - a 10 episode revival of Sex And The City! And even though not every original, beloved, cast member will be returning (bye Samantha), a lot of our old favorites will be back, like Carrie (duh), Charlotte, Miranda, Mr. Big, Aiden, Steve, Anthony, Stanford, Harry, and of course the main character, New York City.  The new production (and newly titled) “And Just Like That…” will also include 6 new characters, 3 of whom will be women of color; diversity that was clearly lacking in the first iteration of the series and will be really refreshing to see.  
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Many of us have seen and memorized every episode, and also for many of us it may have been the first time we saw women truly owning their sexuality, power, and choice to not live according to what society expected of them (not to discount The Golden Girls who were also feminist badasses, but slightly less relatable to a girl in her late teens/early twenties). And for that, as well as the insanely sick fashions that inspired a generation, I CAN NOT wait to tune in for this! (Rehearsals have just begun but there is no official release date yet)

And just to remind you of how fabulous this series is, here is an amazing compilation video of some of the most iconic moments from the show as a teaser, to get us all even more excited than we already are for what’s to come!

If that weren’t enough I’ve also put together this little gift guide inspired by each of the characters, because don’t we all have a little Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, (or a lot of) Samantha in us?

x Brandy


For those fans of us who just cant decide which character they're most like, or who just cant get enough of SATC, we've got the perfect fan guide book! 

I Couldn't Help But Wonder... The Unofficial Fan's Guide To Sex And The City


For your Samantha

Woke Up Sexy Mug

Ho Bag Tote Bag

Star Greeting Card

Weekend Plans Mug

Bad Girls Throughout History Book


For your Miranda

Book Club Corduroy Tote Bag

Working From Home With A Cat Book

Genius At Work Street Sign

Go Away I'm Introverting Women's Crew Socks


I'm A Ray of Sunshine Koozie


For your Carrie


Luxury Boxed Matches - Paris

Paddywax Petite Smoke Reed Diffuser

Disco Cube Cocktails Book

Love Big Nest Box

Twisted Croissant Hoop Gold Earrings

Leopard with Tassels Hook Pillow


For your Charlotte

Large Decorative Stoneware Blue & White Ginger Jar with Lid


Meri Meri Freya Fairy Doll

Kip & Co. Pina Colada Tassel Throw Blanket

Little Book of Jewish Feasts Cookbook

Freelance Dog Model Dog Bandana

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