Top 10 Rainbow Items For June

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And boy, after this shit storm of a past year, I think we all deserve to see LOTS of rainbows everywhere! So how amazing is it that the month it seems like we may actually be turning the corner in this pandemic is also Pride Month, which is celebrated and represented with…rainbows!?

To me, rainbows are perfection and happiness. They are said to symbolize beautiful things like hope, good luck, new beginnings, and equality. The image of a rainbow instantly makes me nostalgic for moments of my childhood and I am always calmed when I can arrange things in rainbow color order (which you may have noticed by many of the merchandise displays in the store).

June is also a special time because we celebrate The Little Apple’s anniversary! This month marks 8 fun-filled years of me owning the shop! My love of rainbows has even made its way into the new branding refresh we created this past year for the store. Our store’s signature pink-capped rainbow can be seen in our new custom packing tape, heading our newsletters, on Instagram, and soon in custom designed stickers! I also love to bring cute, rainbow items into the shop at every opportunity I can, so I put together a compilation of my top 10 faves in the store right now!

X Brandy


Sugarfina Rainbow 3 Piece Bento Box 

Sugarfina Rainbow Bento Box

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