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Mamas, I know this past year has been especially wild for every single one of us. With Mother's Day right around the corner, I want to put YOU in the spotlight and give you a little extra celebrating, because we know how much praise you deserve!

I took to our Instagram to connect with all The Little Apple mamas, furmoms, and caretakers on our stories and ask some of those really hard-hitting questions we all need to know, like "what was your go-to cocktail/recipe that got you through quarantine?" Since this information is so valuable we couldn't keep it to ourselves, so we're sharing our favorite answers with you now!

Favorite cocktail recipe for quarantine





Keeping things light, easy, and fun I answered some of the Instagram Story questions myself to give you a peek into my motherhood this past year! We'd love to hear from YOU, share some of your motherly wisdom in the comments below.

Go-to quarantine drink: Bluecoat Gin, St. Germaine and club soda (when I was feeling fancy), and sour beer for a quick fix.

Looking forward to most: Dinner with friends, holidays, family trips, and getting my nails/hair done!

Favorite Binge TV: We were late to the party but became obsessed with Schitt’s Creek. Also got sucked into Tiger King, Last Chance U and everything Bravo (of course).

Parenting lesson: This shutdown was also a blessing. I will forever be grateful for the uninterrupted time I got to spend with my babies, even though it was simultaneously the most stress I’ve ever experienced in my life. And kids are crazy resilient and adaptable as long as they feel loved.

Funniest moment: We were running out of ideas to keep the kids occupied and so we set up a large 2 person camping tent in the middle of the living room and laid in it to have a movie night with popcorn. Estella thought we were crazy but also the coolest.

X Brandy



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