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Hey Baby, What's Your Sign?

Some people might think Zodiac signs are just an opening for a cheesy pickup line or a bunch of mumbo jumbo. But not me! I totally buy into it and find it fascinating how accurate they can be. Now to be clear, I'm not charging my crystals at night or even know what it means when someone says they can "read a chart" (even though I think that stuff is pretty cool, too) but just someone who finds astrology to be a fun way to find insight into or commonality between people. I love finding out when a customer who I may not have spoken to at length before is a fellow Aries and then immediately listing with them all of the ways we are both "totally Aries" (and how horrible that is for our loved ones, haha!). It's an immediate bonding moment with a stranger and it's awesome! And...I may have also even used it as a guide to choosing when to try to conceive our kids, despite my husband thinking I was a total lunatic.

Certainly, there's a lot more complexity to astrology than just assigning character traits to different zodiac signs, but in a time of so much chaos and uncertainty surrounding our lives right now, I find comfort and most importantly FUN in looking to astrology as a way to understand certain people, life experiences, or to make predictions for the future.

So we've predicted the perfect gifts tailored for every zodiac sign using astrology as our guide. Now you can show your friends and family you care with a super thoughtful gift that proves how much you "get" them. And get ready for the outpour of thank-yous!

X Brandy

Let the stars guide your gifts... 


Aries gift guide

1. Cute As a Bitchy Button Women's Crew Socks

2. Made Market Co Variety Full of Fire Matches

3. F Bomb Dropper Champion Tea Towel

4. Bad Girls Throughout History Book


Taurus gift guide

1. Happy House Nest Box

2. Kip & Co. Pina Colada Tassel Throw Blanket

3. Taurus Zodiac Book

4. If It Requires A Bra or Pants Mug


Gemini gift guide

1. Genius At Work Street Sign

2. Gemini Zodiac Book

3. Coolest Guy on the Conference Call Men's Crew Socks

4. I am a Ray of Fucking Sunshine Mug


Cancer gift guide

1. Unwind Every Day Journal

2. Cancer Zodiac Book

3. Touch Think Learn Feelings Book

4. Paddywax Large Spark Prayer Candle- "Give In to Joy" Salted Grapefruit


 Sagittarius gift guide

1. Paddywax Impressions "Thumbs Up" Mint Leaf & Cardamom Candle

2. Sagittarius Zodiac Book

3. Motel Keychain

4. Let’s Go Camping Sticker


Leo gift guide

1. Woke Up Sexy Mug

2. Tokyo Milk Classic Collection Lotion

3. Leo Zodiac Book

4. Tara Lion Signet Gold Ring


Virgo gift guide

1. Virgo Zodiac Book

2. To Complete Before Happy Hour Notepad

3. Avoid Every One Grocery List Tote Bag

4. Go Away I'm Introverting Women's Crew Socks


Libra gift guide

1. Peace Hook Pillow

2. People Only Hang Because Your Food Is Amazing Dish Towel

3. Libra Zodiac Book

4. Capri Smoked & Tabac Gilded Muse Candle


Scorpio gift guide

1. Paddywax Petite Smoke Reed Diffuser

2. Hudson Cuban Link Gold Chain Necklace

3. Scorpio Zodiac Book

4. Paddywax Large Spark Prayer Candle- "Any Thing You Can Imagine" Pomelo Rose


Capricorn gift guide

1. Book Club Corduroy Tote Bag

2. Working From Home With A Cat Book

3. Little People Big Dreams Dolly Parton Book

4. Capricorn Zodiac Book


Aquarius gift guide

1. Aquarius Zodiac Book

2. Affirmators Tarot Cards

3. Me When My Song Comes On Women's Crew Socks

4. Do One Thing Everyday That Scares Your Family Dish Towel


 Pisces gift guide

1. Mind Fulness Cards

2. Beautifully Made Nest Box

3. LOVE Hook Pillow

4. 2 of A Kind Double Ended Colored Pencils


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